Most powerful motivator of all is FEAR

FEAR – As a powerful motivator


I am motivated by – Fear I hate being scared to do something I started attacking things that I was scare of fear is not real. The only place where It can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our Imagination.

Causing us to scared things that do not at present and may not ever exist.

Fear is a Choice Make a Choice Just decide

What is gonna be , Who you are gonna be , How you are gonna do it. Just decide and then from that point that the universe is gonna get out of your way. Got placed the best things in life on other side of your maximum scare are all the rest things in life.

Fear – step

How do you overcome fear of failure or fear of success or fear of fear itself ? Take the step and how do you face the panic of the unknown you step. I have the physical body to do something you have the mental capacity to believe in it. Now what you want ? It’s a speed that’s planted at birth inside every single soul. 99% of the people never let that seed blossom into anything and it’s the trial and tribulations through life.

The either make that seed blossom or not. We all fall down in life the question is who gets backup ? You go after it and you give it all that you have if you loose at least you tried man ?

“I failed” is 10 times more of a man the someone that said “what if” because “what if” never went to the arena When you guys find it. Otherwise it will either create you or destroy you. Behind every scare is a person you want to be. Success is not a marathon of life with just ups Success if formulated through facing your fears though falling down and getting backup that’s what creates the champion. Success does not defines us. We define the success.

Don’t wait anymore Don’t think anymore Don’t play anymore Don’t contemplate anymore Excuses and justifications Don’t rationalise anything else instead. Be aggressive take action now. The first step you need to take is just that step.


No Excuses


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What’s stopping you ? Are you too tired and Did not get enough sleep ? Don’t have enough energy , time , money or any other thing ? Is that’s stopping you right now Excuses sound best to the person who’s make them them up. stop feeling sorry for yourself Get off the pity potty Telling everybody you are sad and sad stories trying to get people to show up to your pity parties and your pity parades If you have ever seen me in rolls royce or in a 7 star hotel living my life to the fullest don’t get jealous of me because I worked my ass off to get it. Nobody handled me nothing wake your ass up awake the beast inside.

It’s game on It’s go season It’s time for you to take advantages of the advantages of the access and the resources that you have in your country and community. You got a problem with your life ? You got problem with your environment ? Do something about it If you want it go it.

Work hard and never make excuses.

Recognize The excuses are not valid  nor fabricated and not lies. And how do you stop your lies ? You stop your lies with the truth and the truth is you have time , skill , knowledge , support , power and displine to get it done. The fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge. Everything is uphill that’s worthwhile And it’s not going to come to you and it’s not going to fall in your lap and it’s not going to be something that , on my gosh it just was so simple it’s always going to be difficult. If you want it , you gotta go get it.

It's not the time to look for excuses.

    Tomorrow ,   tomorrow and tomorrow No such thing tomorrow We only get  today. It’s your dream If you are going to have it. Get your butt up and make it happen If you are going to have it rise and grind You still got work to do stay focus on your goal. Stay on that success field.


No more Excuses


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